5 Snowy Horror Games Best Played During the Holidays


A good way to make a horror game tens times more scary is to say that it's based on a true story. And IMGN.PRO's Kholat took their inspiration from the Dyatlov Pass incident, where nine hikers went missing in the Russian mountains. This true event circulates a lot of mystery, intrigue, suspense, and a certain amount of horror. It's even got a movie based off it. 

And because it's set in Russia, needless to say there's a lot of snow. 

IMGN.PRO took their own liberty on what happened out in those mountains (obviously, since it's still a mystery), but they also have a lot of beautifully dark scenic shots in Kholot, along with some terrifying ones.

But the true beauty of it all? 

Sean Bean is the narrator. 

I can't imagine a greater gift than the gift of Sean Bean leading me through the frozen wilderness and possibly to my death. 

Published Dec. 17th 2017

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