5 Snowy Horror Games Best Played During the Holidays

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

What would a horror game list be without Silent Hill, the mother, father, and grandfather of all horror games? And what would winter be without snow? 

Konami and Climax Studios's frozen Silent Hill: Shattered Memories brings players back into the town of Silent Hill almost exactly like they did the first time; Shattered Memories is essentially the same as the original Silent Hill with some altered realities and fractured plot points. 

And, clearly, many things are frozen. Snow and ice already have a way of making someone feel alone -- maybe that's why there are so many survival horror games taking place in the snow -- but what else can snow make a person feel in a terrifying environment? 



Stuck, frozen in time, never moving forward? 

No wonder Harry Mason is in therapy.

Published Dec. 17th 2017

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