The Top 10 Most Underrated Pokemon from Ruby and Sapphire

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With a remake of Ruby and Sapphire on the horizon, everyone is chattering about the good ole days of third generation. There were many Pokémon introduced (135 to be exact) and not all of them were well received by the gaming community. Let’s face it, gamers always pick favorites and while Pokémon like Blaziken will soar to the top of most trainers teams there will always be Pokémon that are left sadly left behind for what other trainers think are better Pokémon.

It is a shame really because some of these Pokémon are truly underrated gems that no one dares to look at because they already have their top tier teams. Any real Pokémon trainer can tell you that tiers and stats don't mean everything, it depends on how you use your favorite Pokemon is what makes a truly great trainer.

Let's take a look back at the top ten most underrated Pokémon from a game that's finally getting the remake we've all been waiting for.

Published Aug. 6th 2014
  • Caleb_7656
    What, I love using camelrupt!
  • Dark Magician Nerd
    I'm trying to create a kick ass team that fits May's anime personality. Any suggestions?
  • Bob_3803
    Well, I used Linoone for every playthrough bbecause he's a good HM slave... but, even with Strenth, rovck smash, surf, and cut for it's moveset, it's still good in battle, (Just use strenth/surf, they are very deadly, even though they're HM moves)
  • Bob_3803
    I used Mightyena, Linoone, Tropius, and Altaria. Im useing Relicanth right now, but personaly, I don't like it's CURRENT moveset, (Lvl 36) It might get better though. I don't like Rock types, I prefer others. Also, Cradily is owned by Steven the Champion! I thought it looked cool too, but I never used it... I just beat it's butt down with my Kyogre/Blaziken. (Good lead pokemon for sapphire, deadly duet, though Swampert wouldf be better in ruby, and in emerald, any of them works, hence you get all 3 main Legendaries, and the other ones, REGIS!!!!
  • Bob_3803
    I used Breloom too Jesus!
  • Bob_3803
    I used a lot of these! I used Mightyena, Linoone, Altaria, and probolay more. I didn't ignore a lot of these. Guess when I playing through fortree gym made me want a Swablu in my next playthrough... JK, actualy, I needed a pokemon who could fly, so I got one.
  • Ethirian_3925
    Linoone never had the Limber ability did it?
  • Jesus_3684
    Where is breloom???
  • BoompigXD The Ork
    This is a great list, although I probably would've put Ludicolo somewhere on here, maybe instead of Mightyena. I don't see a lot of Ludicolo's even though he has one of the best type combinations and pretty decent stats to boot.
  • Angelina Bonilla
    Featured Correspondent
    If it wasn't for the fact that I've seen so many Ludicolo's in competitive for third gen he would have been on this list. He was in OU until Black and White and he's a big fan favorite thanks to Coliseum's Mirror B.
  • HIghrook
    Never played a whole lot of pokemans but cacturne looks frickin creepy and that picture and sounds like a lot of fun.
  • Definitely not Elazul
    Yo Cacturne was hella good, used him whenver I could. Altaria carried my first playthrough of the game super hard. Good stuff.

    Always thought Mightyena was a badass, even tho fighting them was sorta free... at least they looked cool.
  • Jay the Human
    I don't get it, I used Linoone and Tropius in every party I ever had in that game. Admittedly that was because Linoone was the best HM slave ever, especially since he picked up random great items all the time. And who doesn't want to fly into town riding a giant tree-dinosaur.

    And Walrein rounded out my team any time I used Blaziken, because he was the best Water-Ice in the game.
  • Dagallas
    I hated Whismer the first few play throughs of 3rd gen because I thought he looked stupid. Then I finally tried him and he instantly was stronger than my starter and took no prisoners.

    I like Relicanth a ton but I have always used Carrcosta or Omastar instead.

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