Power Armor Location Guide for Fallout 4 (with pictures!)

Collecting Power Armor is the newest collectible mini game in Fallout.

The Fallout 4 Power Armor is "Simply Awesome" according to our Fallout 4 review. Did you know there is also multiple sets of Power Armor? If you keep your eyes open you can find many more partial and full power armor frames out there in the wasteland. You can also buy them, but at 500+ caps that isn't the best option.

However, since companions can wear power armor, you may want to deck them all out and will need at least two.

If your goal, like mine, is to have a Power Armor dealership at your disposal then read on. A couple of things to note though: the armor on the suits is determined by level. It might behoove you to discover them later. It might not.

If you know of other locations, please provide info in the comments and I will add them to the guide. If you are looking for the new Fallout 4 Far Harbor DLC power armor check out our Far Harbor Power Armor Guide.

How to Find Quest Related Power Armors

First: Your first suit is found early on in the main quest when you rescue the Minutemen.

Second: Second quest related suit of power armor is awarded by the Brotherhood of Steel.

In the World

Location 2: North of Fort Strong at a Checkpoint (in the building)

Location 3: East of Fort Hagen in a Trailer Park

You will need advanced lockpick skills for this.

The suit is in the water just about where the targeting dot is in the image below.

Location 5: Upper Deck of Highway East of Greygarden

There is an elevator at one end of the overpass just north west of College Square.

It looks like this:

And is here on the map:

Go up the elevator and to the left towards the crashed Vertibird and you will find a frame and armor:

Here on the map:

Enjoy your power armor hunting! There are quite a few more that I have not found yet. If you know of their location, please comment and provide details so I can add them!


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Published May. 27th 2016
  • Digimusdog
    There is a partial suit in on the train just east of Tenpines Bluff at the bottom of the ledge.
  • Mike_1423
    found a full set of X-01 at a small dock North of Nathant sherrif's department about 100 meters its locked in a container rearmost at the dock
  • Josh_2516
    West of Lexington behind a locked gate requires a password
  • Vizunary
    Found one in a cage on a railcar just a little east of tenpines bluff.
  • jack-o-heart
    There are two sets in the national guard training post. One inside the small building with the turrets on top, and a level scaled full set in a nearby shipping container with an expert level lock.
  • 462
    Down in the glowing sea bottom left edge of the map in a rundown house that leads to a big military bunker through the floor. It had x01 power armor in it
  • Dustin_4080
    Found a power armor just south of west everett estates. On the hill with 2 tanks around it.
  • Krisp_6094
    There is one behind a locked gate in the S. Boston military checkpoint. W/ SW of Andrew station, which is west of the Castle
  • Dustin_4080
    There is also a power armor suit at the top of an antenna array at revere satellite array. Which is due east of the national guard training yard and county crossing.
  • Huta_6024
    To the right of boston mayoral shelter in a big garage by another garage like building and a red truck. Happy hunting

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