Top Ten Minecraft 1.12.2 Spawn Point Seeds for December 2017

Spawn Near Mushroom Island

Seed: 3225594858440350777
Biomes: Savanna, Mushroom Island

If you’ve ever dreamed of heading through the looking glass, look no further. Mushroom Island is one of Minecraft’s rarer biomes, filled with giant mushrooms and mushroom-covered cows.

Spawn along the Savanna coastline and construct a boat from the nearby acacia trees before setting sail westward to your destination (coordinates -677, 190). While the island is a bit far from the mainland, you can take advantage of the several land points along the way to erect light towers that can guide you back to the mainland.

Note: Mushrooms are great for making stews, but if you have a wooden bowl, you can harvest mushroom stew by milking the mooshroom. 

Published Dec. 10th 2017

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