11 Most Expensive Rivals of Ixalan Cards in MTG

Angrath, Minotaur Pirate

  • Current price: $10.75

This is the first of the two Angrath planeswalkers from Rivals of Ixalan. And like every other planeswaker, it has several abilities and an ultimate one, which in this case, is incredibly powerful.

The +2 ability is a perfect solution against token decks, which are plenty in Standard right now. Even the most popular deck, Temur Energy, uses Whirler Virtuoso that often stalls the victory due to the never-ending stream of tokens.

The -3 ability isn't particularly exciting, so you'll want to go up to the ultimate one and destroy all of the opponent's creatures and deal that much damage to an opponent, which in most cases will result in instant victory.

Published Jan. 12th 2018

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