6 Most Amazing Overwatch Skins for Minecraft

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Famous for the endless possibilities within, Minecraft players have created thousands of mods based on every subject from movies to shows to other video games over the years. Meanwhile Overwatcha relative newcomer, has developed not only a strong player count, but a devoted following for the game's lore and memes based on the relatable cast of characters.

And in classic Minecraft fashion, some talented players have made worlds collide. So let's take a look at 6 of the best Overwatch creations in Minecraft!



Pearlescent Moon

Of all of Overwatch's healers, none have had the fan reception that Mercy has. Highly prevalent in memes, both as the "Mom" of the series alongside Soldier 76 as "Dad" and as Pharah's lover, Mercy is no doubt a fan favorite.

Hence her recreation as a gigantic statue by Pearlescent Moon. Clad in her Halloween-exclusive Witch skin, she flies above all ready to heal any of her "servants."



Tired of being boring old Steve in Minecraft?

Would you rather be a superpowered hero who can blink forward and backward through time and has a super high-tech arsenal? Then the Tracer modpack is for you!

You can play as the one and only Tracer of Overwatch, complete with dual Pulse Pistols, Pulse Bombs, and the ability to blink and recall through time.



Maybe Tracer isn't your thing. Maybe you'd rather have an old-fashioned take on the whole warrior-of-the-future thing.

We got you covered.

From the same creator as the Tracer mod, you can assume the role of Genji, the best cyborg ninja since Grey Fox. And of course, that means you get all his abilities and gadgets. Double jumps, leaping off of walls, shuriken, and a dragon katana are all yours to do with how you please.

Just try not to get into a fight with his older brother Hanzo.


Trixy Blox

Located in the middle of the Black Forest, Eichenwalde is the site of one of the most famous battles during the Omnic Crisis. Balderich von Adler, leader of the legendary Crusaders, made his last stand here. And while they ultimately fell, their noble efforts held off the Omnic forces long enough for the German military to reclaim control of the city.

Recreated in all its splendor, you can explore the historical castle for yourself.



Located in the Aegean Sea off the coast of Greece, Ilios is a beautiful harborside island-town. With recently unearthed ancient artifacts found here, the town is bustling with discoveries and has become a target of Talon, the villainous mercenary group.

You can explore its beauty and even memorize new paths to enhance your knowledge within the game of Overwatch, as this map was built to be an exact replica.


2piradians, Furgl

Maybe you're new to the Overwatch series and don't really know who you would like to play as just yet. No problem, we've got something for that too. Allow me to introduce the Minewatch Mod.

Within it, you can play as Reaper, Hanzo, Ana, and Reinhardt, each with their specialized weapons and abilities!

Why only four characters you ask? That's because the mod still growing and was released six days ago. It's still in the early stages, and isn't quite as thorough as the earlier Tracer and Genji mods, but you can expect this one to grow a lot more and with greater diversity.

You can check it out and keep an eye out for new updates.

Whether it be for art or gameplay, dedicated players have created plenty of Minecraft/Overwatch crossovers for you to check out, and plenty more are still debuting each week.

With Blizzard's dedication to keeping their games running for years, you can expect continued support for Overwatch to keep it growing and attract more and more fans, who in turn, will continue to cultivate the Minecraft mod scene.

Which were your favorites? What should have made the list? Or maybe you're working on something yourself! Let us know in the comments.

Published May. 2nd 2017


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