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Overwatch is the massively hyped class-based first-person shooter developed by Blizzard. In a world devastated by a war with the Omnics, AI that went rogue, Overwatch was formed as a ray of hope. Ending the war, Overwatch went on to become a symbol of protection, exploration, and science. This did not last long as scandalous rumors were flung at the organization. Winston saw the world start to grow dim and restarted Overwatch as a private organization, which comprises the current playable heroes.

Filled with outrageous characters, the game has captured the hearts of many players across the world. Its popularity has led to the creation of many fantastic costumes based on the characters. Following is just a sample of the creativity and passion players have shown in becoming their favorite Overwatch hero. 

Widowmaker by Azure Cosplay

Widowmaker is the emotionless sniper known for hiding in the shadows. One of the more popular characters, and definitely one of the sexiest, there are already a plethora of cosplays of her. Azure Cosplay, however, knocks out all of the competition, even nailing the pose and empty stare. 


Reinhardt by Davence

Any cosplay of Reinhardt is going to be impressive. With interlocking armor, a giant hammer, and the small details that show off his personality, recreating this hero is a feat. An expert in creating intricate armored costumes, Fantasy Armor by Davence really succeeds in bringing Reinhardt to life. 

Hanzo by Tomatron5; Photo by Phantom Photography

Hanzo is a hero with a troubling past. In one of the cinematic videos released by Blizzard before Overwatch's release, viewers learned that Hanzo was responsible for the death of his brother. Looking to overcome the guilt he felt, he descended to Earth. This is how he joins the Overwatch team. Tomatron5's Hanzo is incredible with the realism of the bow and arrow making me think twice about crossing his path.



D.Va by JillStyler; Photo Jack Fluck Photography

D.Va is another hero with a plethora of cosplays to choose from. I love how Jillstyler showcases her mech as well as the highly detailed spandex bodysuit. Everything is perfect, like D.Va stepped off the screen and into real life.

Mei by Spoon Makes; Photo by Robert Paul Esports Photography

This Mei cosplay is cool as ice. Lame puns aside, the frigid hero is done justice by Spoon Makes and her cosplay. All the details of Mei are there, along with her cute smile. She even created Mei's drone, Snowball. Equipped with her Popsicle and weather changing technology, this Mei cosplay is unstoppable. 

Mercy by Oshley Cosplay; photo by Michael Ocampo

Mercy, the healing angel of Overwatch. The most awe inspiring part of this cosplay is the wings. Not only are they perfectly crafted with every detail in place, but editing by Oshley Cosplay brings their glowing quality to life. The wings are superb -- and so is the rest of the outfit from the halo to the boots. Wielding her staff, she is ready to revive you. 

Zenyatta by Shellshocked Cosplay; Photo by John Jiao Photography

Zenyatta is an interesting hero. Meditative, calming and yet a killing machine. From his mechanical appearance, to the "floating" balls around his neck, Zenyatta has many intricate parts to him. Shellshocked Cosplay, however, makes Zenyatta look like a piece of cake to cosplay, as this costume hits all the details.

Junkrat by DragonDildoScrub

The trap wielding, bomb throwing hero is one that seems to be missing in the cosplay spotlight. Not taking kindly to his favorite hero missing out, Reddit user DragonDildoScrub decided to do it himself. Not only are the final results astounding, but he threw this together in just four days! Not content with the final result, he is going to fine tune things to present the world with an even better Junkrat cosplay, which I cannot wait to see. (click image to the right for larger version)

Tracer by Tasha Cosplay

Tracer has been the face of Overwatch since Blizzard first revealed the game to the public. A slick shooter with the ability to jump back to another position, she is a prime damage hero. Tasha Cosplay is an amazing Tracer. Her hair, jacket, leggings, and even her shoes are spot on. With glowing guns and orange goggles, she is ready to take out the enemy. 

Reaper Bloodraven Cosplay; photo by Coslife

Reaper is a fan favorite for his flanking abilities and amazing ultimate. A fully covered character, it may seem like he is an easy one to cosplay. At the surface he may be, but the level of details that Bloodraven Cosplay has poured into her Reaper Cosplay shows how much she loves the character. He is amazingly bad ass looking. She makes a beautifully deadly mercenary. 


These are just some of the amazing cosplays that Overwatch has encouraged. From fan made designs to perfectly copied costumes, Overwatch offers a plethora of characters to choose from for cosplayers. With Blizzard adding more heroes and skins, it can act as a never ending source of inspiration. 

Published Jul. 15th 2016

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