Art Showcase: The Ladies of League of Legends

RiotZeronis has a lovely collection of League of Legends concept art up on DeviantArt.

For at a least a year now I've been following Paul Hyun Woo Kwon (aka "ZeroNis" or "RiotZeronis") on DeviantArt, where he displays some of the concept art he has done for Riot Games. His style is incredible overall, but it's his contributions to one of eSports' biggest titles that led me to feature his work.

Most of Paul's concept art involving League of Legends' is centered on its female characters, which is totally understandable given his knack for intricacy. He typically provides front and back views to better observe the amount of detail put into the designs.

Ice Drake Shyvana depicted in both her humanesque and dragon forms.

The artwork that Paul has shared for shapeshifting characters (such as Nidalee, Elise, and Shyvana) also include the women's bestial forms, which highlights that femininity is, after all, only a single aspect of these characters' designs.

Aside from his official concept art for League's characters and skins, Paul has quite a bit of original art and fanart to indulge in. Following his work is simple enough – links to his various social media can be found attached to any of his works at:


Half man. Half fro. Half legend.

Published Jul. 18th 2015

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