Star Wars: Battlefront Review

Who needs depth or a wealth of content when you've got pretty snow?

We've been waiting since 2005 for a new Battlefront game. We've heard rumors and seen leaked footage of Free Radical's attempt at Battlefront 3. Now, DICE has taken it upon themselves to reboot the series and reinvigorate interest in Star Wars games. Well, congratulations DICE, you managed to make a game slightly more entertaining and engaging than Star Wars: Kinect.

Game: Star Wars: Battlefront
Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One (Reviewed)
Price: $59.99 (additional $49.99 Season Pass)
Rating: 5.5/10

This game was reviewed using my EA Access subscription.

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Who needs depth or a wealth of content when you've got pretty snow?
Reviewed On: Xbox One

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Published Nov. 20th 2015
  • topher339
    Personally, I'd probably give the game a 6. It was entertaining for several hours but lost it's appeal afterwards. Part of it is that I was expecting better, and just more in general.

    I've loved Star Wars since childhood but this was a big letdown to me. Battlefront 3 was a long time coming but never came. The general lack of content and all of the things that changed kept me from really enjoying the game. It simply isn't Battlefront anymore. The name was probably more for marketing than anything.

    If I was to sum up the game in one sentence it'd be: "Not for those looking for the original Battlefront experience (or too much of anything like it)." If they had called it Frontlines or something of the like, it would likely have fared better in the eyes of the fans and much more acceptable to me. The difference is all in the name.

    The DLC is what sealed the deal for me, though. Most of what you get should have been included in the initial release. I'll just wait to pick it up for 20 or 30 bucks. It's very bare-bones. Not worth full price, in my opinion. Being in college, I can't be buying all the games that are released in the year but even if I had the extra money I likely wouldn't get the game back.

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