Hearthstone Beta Ranked Play! Can I Pull Out a Victory?

Hearthstone closed beta gameplay with a Shaman deck versus a Rogue.

Hey all! Today I bring you another Hearthstone closed beta game. I am still using my Shaman Murloc deck as that is my favorite deck in the game.

As you will hear me mention, Bloodlust is my favorite card in the entire game so far. It is so useful, especially when dealing with players who favor having their hero attack directly or generally leaves minions on the board. If you watched my last video, you will see I had an easier time with this hero. The reason is because this deck is a lot more effective against Rogues versus Mages.

 I will be doing these Let's Play videos on a weekly basis for the time being, so make sure you stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Hearthstone action. I would also like to start taking reader requests as to what deck you would like to see me play in a match. 

Comment below and tell me what deck you would like to see next!

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Published Sep. 15th 2013

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