Top 5 Modern Games in the Tales of Series

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1. Tales of Symphonia

It was hard to decide between this and Tales of Vesperia, and the choice boiled down to mostly how much time I spent playing each game.

When I first heard of this game, I thought I was dreaming. Before this, I had played many JRPGs, and they were all turn-based. The fact that this was real-time was simply unbelievable to me at the time. Throw in the fact that it was a long game like other JRPGs, and had multiplayer, and I got it without a second thought.

Symphonia was the first Tales of game I played, as I expect was the case for many others. It was the first 3D title in the series, and had one of the largest casts and available hours.

It dealt with religious and racial themes, and I think the story can still stand up to those of today. I have beaten this game many times just for the story alone. 

There were also so many side things to do and places to go. There were basically two worlds for you to explore, so you had plenty to keep you busy. And that's why it's got the top spot on this list.

What do you think of the list? Any others you love? Let me know in the comments!

Published Apr. 4th 2016

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