Five GIFs Highlighting the Beautiful and Improbable Physics of GTA 5

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Jumping out of just one plane is so 2014. Skydiver extraordinaire Trane manages to jump out of one plane then skydive through another plane on his way down.


Remi408 has found an excellent use for GTA V's traffic jam bug.

Caught by the cops! Steam user SiMba put an end to this high speed police chase with some extreme driving.


I wish I could describe what's going on here... but I really have no idea. But check out GOLD's  other GTA 5 gifs, including a gun-toting pigeon and shopping trolley shenanigans.

Finally, this rather nice stunt courtesy of MAFINS. A dude, a bike, a car, an airplane and an explosion. What more could you want?

Published Apr. 19th 2015


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