Pokemon GO Super Effective Files: Exeggutor Spotlight

The first Pokemon GO version of Super Effective Files starts with an Exeggutor spotlight!

Now that Pokemon GO has been out over a week, and there is a site that has info straight from the game files, my Super Effective Files series will continue with Pokemon GO spotlights. This week's spotlight is on Exeggutor.

I'm sure if you have looked at gyms around your area, you've seen at least 1 Vaporeon. If you decided to fight it, you probably noticed how strong it was. If you want more details, check out my article on why Vaporeon is so strong.

Luckily, Exeggutor is a great choice to take Vaporeon down. It is a Grass type, so it takes less damage from Vaporeon, and good stats and CP as well.

Tree of Pain

Exeggutor is a Grass/Psychic Pokemon that evolves from Exeggcute after obtaining 50 candy.

Pokemon GO Exeggutor

It is weak to Fire, Flying, Poison, Ice, Bug, Ghost, and Dark attacks, and resistant to Water, Electric, Grass, Ground, Fighting, and Psychic. It is strong against Water, Rock, and Ground.

The stats could vary slightly, but it gives a good target number to keep in mind. Stamina affects how much health a Pokemon gets.


  • Max CP - 2955
  • Base Attack - 232
  • Base Defense - 164
  • Base Stamina - 190

The CP is very high, and it has a high attack. It's stamina isn't as high, but it still pretty good.

The Power of Grass (but mostly Psychic)

Exeggutor can only have Psychic primary moves, but can get Grass or Psychic secondary moves. Below is the list of moves it can learn.


  • Confusion (Psychic) - 15 damage/10 DPS (Damage Per Second)
    • STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) - raises it to 12 DPS
  • Zen Headbutt (Psychic) - 12 damage/11 DPS
    • STAB - 14 DPS


  • Psychic (Psychic) - 55 damage/20 DPS
    • STAB - 25 DPS
  • Seed Bomb - 40 damage/17 DPS
    • STAB - 21 DPS
  • Solar Beam - 120 damage/24 DPS
    • STAB - 31 DPS

Since you can keep tapping for the primary move and have to hold for the secondary, primary moves are usually the ones to use.

If you are going to use a charged, Solar Beam will be the best against Vaporeon. Psychic does the most overall damage, so it is up to you to decide whether or not you want 2 Psychic moves.

That wraps up the 1st week for Pokemon GO Super Effective Files. Let me know of any you would like to see in the future!

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Published Sep. 15th 2017

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