League of Legends Has 27 Million Daily Players

With 27 million daily users and 67 million monthly users, Riot continues to dominate the MOBA scene.

Free-to-play MOBA juggernaut League of Legends announced today that they have an impressive 27 million players a day. 

This number is astonishingly large for several reasons. To begin with, that means that there are more League players a day than citizens of Afghanistan -- 27 million daily users means that if League were a country it would be the 45th largest by populace. This also beats the highest subscriber numbers for giant World of Warcraft, which peaked back in 2010 at 12 million.  These numbers are even larger than they were last reported by Forbes in October of 2012, when they had reached 12 million a day

In other metric news, Riot reports that they have 67 million monthly players, with 7.5 million playing at the same peak time daily. This follows news earlier this month that Riot made $624 million in revenue last year. While the numbers are self-reported, Riot has promised to make a post clearing up any questions viewers have about their validity.

Hopefully Riot is enjoying themselves in their headquarters, which are undoubtedly castles made of actual money.

What do you think? Are you part of Riot and League of Legends meteoric rise? 

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Published Jan. 27th 2014

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