Absolver Guide: How to Join Another School

Once you've mastered a School's fighting style, it's probably time to move on to another. Here's how to join a new School!

Absolver is a third-person martial arts fighting game, where players pick from a wide variety of attacks, moves, and other techniques to be employed in their own unique Combat Decks tailored to suit their playstyle.

However, you'll find that you won't immediately have access to every single Combat Style when you first create your Prospect -- instead, you'll only be familiar with one. And that's where Fighting Schools come in.

Joining a Fighting School is one of the fastest ways to learn new fighting techniques -- however, the number of moves you can learn from each School is limited, which means you'll need to move from School to School if you want to expedite the learning process.

How to Change Schools

We've already covered how to join a Fighting School in Absolver, but it may not be entirely obvious how you'd leave and join a new one after you've mastered that School's Combat Style.

Leaving your current School is actually quite simple: the mere act of joining another School is all it takes to leave your old one.

To join an existing Fighting School, you'll want to pull up the menu and open the Encounters tab.

From there, you can view a list of all the players you've recently met, and join any Schools that they might be a part of. (Players with a triangle next to their name are the ones who are part of a School.)

Your other option is to create your own Fighting School, which requires a bit more effort on your part -- you'll need to speak to an NPC in the Oratian Quarter after having achieved Rank 50 in the game's Combat Trials.


The best way to truly master a Combat Style is to master them all, and one of the fastest ways to accomplish that is to learn from all the best Fighting Schools.

So, if you want full access to every move in the game, you'll want to be hopping from School to School, learning from as many masters as possible.


Published Sep. 10th 2017

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