Modder Replaces All Textures in Dark Souls III with Crabs

One modder makes Dark Souls III even crabbier.

There are a lot of mods for many of today's video games, ranging from fun to funny to sexy. In what is quite possibly one of the strangest and most useless mods of all time, YouTuber and modder Limit Breaker replaced all the textures in the action RPG Dark Souls III with an image of a crab on a black background.  Everything from weapons, to character models, to the game's UI, has been replaced with the crab.  

Aside from the text and menus, the game is actually playable, despite the crabs.  In fact, the areas and most of the enemies are still easily recognizable to anyone who has played the game.  However, comments on YouTube have many complaints about getting headaches from watching the video, so you might want to hold off on doing it yourself.  

For an extra dose of irony, guess what enemy is featured at the very end of the video?  The giant swamp crab, who still proves to be a little too strong for the player.  


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Published Jul. 22nd 2016

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