Top 10 Myths and Facts About Armor in Video Games

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Myth #10: Helmets are useless

How many times did you see a character in the game wear tons of armor, but with no helmet on? This is a common thing, since you can't show an emotional reaction if a character has a darn helmet on. Fortunately, we have Halo.

But let’s be serious, helmets are super important. If you wear a headgear, then be sure that you can at least take one headshot and stay alive. Helmets saved millions of lives throughout history, so if you can wear one in the game – do so!

Keep in mind that while all these myths obviously have nothing to do with reality, the purpose of this article was to show how far away modern video games still are from real life. Although, many developers are trying to narrow this gap and will hopefully manage to do so.

What other myths about armor in video games can you share? Write about your observations in the comments section below.

Published Apr. 16th 2016

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