Chrono Cross Remaster: All Skelly Bones Locations

Where to find all Skelly bones in Chrono Cross Remaster: The Radical Dreamers Edition.

You've got to collect Skelly bones to recruit Skelly himself in Chrono Cross, and the task makes him one of the hardest characters to recruit in the game. Skelly's bones really are strewn all over.

Our guide will show you all Skelly bones locations in Chrono Cross Remaster. You will also learn how to assemble him once all of his bones are collected, and how to recruit him in the end.

All Skelly Bones Locations in Chrono Cross Remaster

The journey of obtaining all Skelly bones can be tough and arduous, but you can simply follow the steps below, and soon you will have them all collected:

  1. Travel to Fossil Valley on the main island, and find the first part near the dragon skull: Heavy Skull (blue marker).
  2. Go to the port at Guldove and receive a second piece from the elements merchant: Pelvic Bone (yellow marker).
  3. Locate a small waterfall at the end of the Shadow Forest on the main island, and pick up a third piece: Angry Scapula (red marker).
  4. Travel to Water Dragon Isle, and receive the fourth piece from an Explorer NPC: Sturdy Ribs (orange marker).
  5. Search a small cave in the northwestern part of the Isle of the Damned for the fifth piece: Mixed Bones (green marker).
  6. Search another small cave at the end of the Hydra Marshes for the final Skelly bone: Good Backbone (purple marker).

Once you have all Skelly bones in your inventory, Skelly will tell you that he remembers his grandmother, who is the key to assembling and recruiting him.

Lastly, travel to Termina on Another World, and find his grandmother's house in the eastern part of the town. Take the Skelly bones to her and Skelly will be restored. In order to recruit him, you must leave the house and re-enter it. Speak to Skelly once again, and he will offer to join your team.

Skelly's innate element is Black, and his main weapon is his own gloves. Most of Skelly's skills are composed of circus tricks that don't hit too hard. But if you are determined to unlock all characters in the game, then he is definitely a keeper.

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Published Apr. 18th 2022

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