RollerCoaster Tycoon Fans Need to be Ready for Planet Coaster Next Week

RollerCoaster Tycoon fans are excited for Frontier Developments release of Planet Coaster next week. Here is everything fans need to know.

Frontier Developments, former developer of the RollerCoaster Tycoon series, is scheduled to release their own Coaster game next week with Planet Coaster. After the mostly negative reception of RollerCoaster Tycoon World on Steam, fans are eagerly awaiting Planet Coaster's release. Here is everything that you need to know about the upcoming release!

Limitless Creativity

With Planet Coaster's new piece by piece placement, customization, and terrain adjustment mechanics, the possibilities of creativity are limitless. Players will be able to easily place various rides, creating curvaceous paths, design the scenery and heavily customize the rides.

They will be able to place scenery pieces and objects, which all come with multiple varying themes to create the theme park they have always wanted. The terrain mechanic allows the players to raise mountains, form lakes and dig caverns, permitting them to create dark rides or even floating islands.

The level of freedom and customization that will be available in Planet Coaster is far greater than any of the previous titles that Frontier Developments has ever created. It is even greater than what is featured in the latest RollerCoaster Tycoon title being developed by Nvizzio Creations. 

While the previous games have always allowed freedom, never have players been able to customize rides and form the terrain to such detail and so easily. Never before have players had the ability to create dark rides through excavated caverns or floating islands.

If you are looking for complete and total control over the creation of your park, Planet Coaster is looking to provide it.

Sophisticated A.I

Planet Coaster is promising a sophisticated A.I that has never been seen before in a Coaster title. Each of the guests that arrive at your park is a unique expressive individual. They each think, feel and explore the park with their own interests, desires and cash. Guests will also have their own language too.

They will react in an instant to your park and at a first glance tell you how well you are doing. In previous games, it often took a bit of time before you could figure out what guests thought of your park. Planet Coaster allows you to know instantly and make the required adjustments before the entirety of your guests become angry.

It will also allow the players to create parks that are aimed towards catering for your guests and their different interests -- something that was not so easy in previous games. As far as the A.I goes, Planet Coaster is pulling out all the stops with the intelligence of its guests.

Game Modes to Suit Everyone

There is going to be three game modes in Planet Coaster. The first is challenge mode. Similar to previous titles, you will have to put your management skills to the test as you attempt to survive and thrive under specific circumstances. This caters for those looking for a more challenging or hardcore gameplay.

Then there is Career Mode. Here you will need to complete scenarios to build up your reputation and rise through the ranks. This mode would be the middle of the three on offer. It gives you tasks to complete while still giving you creative freedom.

For those who want absolute freedom, there is a Sandbox Mode. Here players will be able to create amazing parks without having to worry about resources. Sandbox mode caters for those who just want to build without having to worry about completing tasks or money management.

While Frontier Developments previous Coaster titles have always included a Sandbox Mode and Challenge mode, there never was a Career Mode. Planet Coaster is a game that will appeal to a much wider audience. With three different modes on offer, there is something for everyone to enjoy -- even more so than previous titles.

Create and Share

Frontier Developments are including a community hub known as Planet community hub. This system is inspired by Steam Workshop and will work pretty much exactly the same as it will allow the community to create and share their content for the whole world to use and add to their parks.

You will forever be able to delight the guests of your parks along with sharing your success across the world. This system is completely new and never before seen in previous Coaster titles by the developer. It will allow the community to add their own creations and have the entire world be able to use them. This feature will give the game an endless amount of creative possibilities.

Start Playing Early

Frontier Developments are aiming for the stars with Planet Coaster. They want to create the ultimate theme park simulation game and give the player ultimate freedom with it. Judging from all the features and mechanics, it is looking like they are going to achieve just that.

The developers of Planet Coaster are giving those who pre-purchase the Thrillseeker Edition the opportunity to play in beta before the game's release. Planet Coaster is scheduled for release on November 17th but buyers of the Thrillseeker Edition will have access from November 9th.

The normal edition for Planet Coaster is currently available at 10% off for $40.49/€34.19/£26.99. For those looking to gain early access with the Thrillseeker Edition, they can buy it for $44.99/€37.99/£29.99. Buyers of the Thrillseeker Edition will also receive a gold mascot, digital sketchbook, official soundtrack and the gold avatar hat.

Both editions are available to buy on Steam.


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Published Nov. 9th 2016

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