Jade Empire: Special Edition Now Available in Origin Access Vault

Jade Empire: Special Edition is now available in the Origin Access Vault for $4.99.

Jade Empire first made its way into public hands in 2005, with the Special Edition following up in 2007. A hit game developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts, Jade Empire: Special Edition has now been added to the Origin Access Vault. Now you can immerse yourself in the sweeping adventure through Origin.

Traveling across the world, the main character, whom you play as, must master martial arts. Beginning in a secluded training school, sinister events set your destiny in motion. Using your fighting skills and mastering various styles will allow you to beat a variety of enemies, such as outlaws, magicians and demons. Every choice you make within the story changes the course of the game. You can be good or you can be evil, changing your reputation as you travel throughout the Jade Empire of China. With Origin Access you can purchase this action-adventure, RPG for $4.99 or pay the regular price of $14.99.


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Published Aug. 10th 2016

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