Survive or Die: Best PC survival games for early 2016

5. Rust

Price: $20

Rust -- developed by Facepunch Studios -- is a game that has also been in development for almost 3 years. The graphics leave more to be desired but the optimization is a lot better compared to pretty much every other game on this list. You start off naked and looking to get some shelter and clothes right away.  Rust falls into the same category of H1Z1 making it more kill-on-sight than some of the others. 

What Rust brings to the table is a deeper crafting and building system than some of the previously listed games.  The weapons in rust are a bit more realistic in the fact that the guns have decent recoil.  You don't worry about starving as fast as you would in other games, so you have more time to explore. With that said playing with friends is your best bet. 

The map size is adjustable depending on the server, which helps a bit compared to H1Z1. Rust is also a very big time sink, with the way the developers have implemented the "decay system," which is a way to combat too many player made structures. Basically, the health of man-made structures will decay over time if not used. If you are not able to log in often to stop this then you will fall victim of decay. Below is some of the decay timers.

  • Twigs - 6-hour delay , 6-hour duration
  • Wood - 12-hour delay , 24-hour duration
  • Stone - 18-hour delay , 48-hour duration
  • Sheet Metal - 18-hour delay , 72-hour duration
  • Armored - 24-hour delay , 120-hour duration

Rust is a bit more grindy than some of the other games but it has a lot to do. The dev's still communicate with the community even after almost 3 years. If you are not a fan of mass nudity in a game then Rust is not for you. I also would not recommend for the solo player. You can look more into Rust here.

Published Mar. 24th 2016

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