GameSkinny Round Table Podcast - Episode #9

The new episode of the official podcast out now in full webcam video for the first time. This week we talk console news, upcoming titles, and the shift from physical to digital game distribution!

"I will eat this hat."Welcome to another week of our Round Table Podcast! Well what d'you know, we've actually made it to nine whole episodes out into the ether of the internet machine. This week, we switched it up a little and made a pretty big change.As you can see from Stephanie's super serious professional face on our YouTube podcast edit up above, we have made the jump to a full video podcast! And this isn't going to be just a one-time thing - every week, you will be able to watch our crazy nerd faces as we bring you the the current news of the week and discuss the burning questions in our (8-bit) hearts. This week we had Nunu, Gary, Ernesto, Rob, Lui, and Brian, with Stephanie as our host.What did we talk about?This week on the Round Table, it was quite a mix of both console and PC gaming news! Some of the stuff that was covered this week: The rumored bundling of the PS4 with the PS Vita Clarifications on whether the PS4 controller touchpad requires the camera to function, and pricing strategies for both Xbox and PS4 Mo-cap: is it the future of gaming?  Zatanna confirmed as Injustice DLC playable character Bioshock Infinite DLC confirms Elizabeth as a playable character with a Little Sister companion Call of Duty: Ghost Live Stream on November 14th The International Dota 2 Tournament Left 4 Dead 3 leak  American McGee's Alice: Otherlands Kickstarter was funded! Senate discusses violence in video games in proposed new study Physical vs. Digital media Impending end of used game stores What we all will play this week It got pretty involved so we also ran a little longer than usual. Hope you have as much fun listening as we had making this!What are we?We are the official GameSkinny podcast about gaming, by gamers like you. We truly make this a 'round table' affair by connecting through people located all over the globe with hosts that come from Canada, the United States, Australia, and more. Gaming is a worldwide passion, and our goal is to bring you news, reviews, and great conversations. We want to connect with our audience on the topics you care about, as well as our own. Because after all, #obscuritysucks.We stream live on every Wednesday at 9 PM EST, and the edited episodes plus recaps are posted up on GameSkinny the following Friday. Feel free to follow us on both! (Written recap brought to you this week by Rob and Stephanie.)

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Published Aug. 10th 2013

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