Guess The Song Answers: Rap

Answers to the popular game from Ketchapp.

Rap is fun. It makes a statement, even if it's one of the most misunderstood music genres. In this category you get to guess which rap songs the pictures represent. 

Guess the Song brings back memories. Whether your favorite musical time period is the 70s, 80s, 90s... this game has got it all. This app is a fun time killer and really puts your skills to the test. So whether you want to reminisce on your childhood songs or you are just addicted to puzzle games, this one is for you!

Answers to Rap Category

  1. Rock Box
  2. Birthday Cake
  3. Blue Sky
  4. Red Nose
  5. Butter Knives
  6. Candy Rain
  7. Cocoa Butter
  8. Crooked Smile
  9. Door Man
  10. Fight Music
  11. Fire Burning
  12. Gucci Gucci
  13. Honey
  14. Hotel Room
  15. Ice
  16. King Kong
  17. Money Baby
  18. Old School
  19. Party
  20. Talk Dirty
  21. Rap God
  22. Bugatti
  23. Rock Bottom
  24. Arab Money
  25. Sweet Love
  26. Party Up
  27. Trophies
  28. Up
  29. Wonton Soup
  30. Work


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