Guess The Song Answers: 80's Hits

Answers to 80's Hits!

The 80's were crazy, wild, and a time for partying. Guess the Song throws back to the great music of the decade.

From Ketchapp, the developer behind some of the most addicting apps, you'll get to listen to some of your favorite 80's songs when playing this category.

Answers to 80's Hits Category

  1. Beat It
  2. Orange Crush
  3. Africa
  4. Push It
  5. Holiday
  6. Rock Lobster
  7. Boys
  8. White Horse
  9. Call Me
  10. Cars
  11. Straight Up
  12. Shout
  13. Venus
  14. Candy Girl
  15. Material Girl
  16. High Energy
  17. Roam
  18. Control
  19. Rock On
  20. Relax
  21. Whip It
  22. Maniac
  23. Electric Avenue
  24. Broken Wings
  25. Upside Down
  26. Heaven
  27. Word Up
  28. Wordup
  29. Happy Birthday
  30. Shining Star
  31. Purple Rain


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