Dead Rising 4 Easter Egg Costumes Guide

It wouldn't be Dead Rising without a slew of ridiculous costumes and a bunch of Capcom Easter egg outfits!

A new Dead Rising means new ways to make Frank West look absolutely ridiculous while he rides his killer tricycles and wields electrified axes against untold millions of zombies. You've got to look your best while waging war against the horde!

While there are plenty of the standard outfits and suits you'd expect to find in a mall or a home wardrobe to be discovered while playing, Capcom also threw in quite a few Easter egg outfits nodding to the company's other game franchises.

Below we cover how to find all the most interesting Dead Rising 4 Easter egg costumes from series like Megaman, Final Fight, and Darkstalkers.

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Bass Costume

This Megaman b-side character gets his own Capcom Easter egg outfit found (predictably) in a Capcom themed store. To grab this outfit, head into the Willamette Memorial Megaplex and enter Kiichiro Plaza. The outfit is sitting in the front left side display case window of the Jap-Pop! store.

The much more stylish Zero costume (see below) is in the same plaza and can be grabbed right afterwards if you take the escalator up to the King Hiro Arcade store on the upper level.

bass-8e206.png Bass Costume

Captain Commando Costume

You will be directed to search inside houses during the Working With Hammond mission during Case 4. Inside the Prawp Residence found in West Ridge, head through the kitchen door to a basement area with some couches and projector screens set up.

On the left side of the room is a treasure trove of Capcom memorabilia, including masks, weapons, and even an standing arcade. At the far left side of the collection is the Captain Commando costume ready for the taking.

You should probably grab some of the Street Fighter masks on the wall just round out your collection as well!

captaincommando-b43c9.png Captain Commando Costume

Mike Haggar Costume

The Investigating Obscuris mission in Case 2 tasks you with taking pictures for Paula at the Willamette City Archives in Old Town.

Before leaving the building, go into the back through a small hallway with a giant stack of filing cabinets. Sitting against the wall is a costume of Mike Haggar from Final Fight.

It's a series that isn't referenced as often these days, but you can display your side-scrolling beat 'em up knowledge proudly with this shirtless outfit!

haggar-ac235.png Mike Haggar Costume

Morrigan Costume

This sexy little Darkstalkers getup (well... until Frank puts it on, anyway) is found on an outfit stand in front of a shelf of books in the center of Tetro's Comics and Collectibles. You can find the store on the upper left side of the buildings in the Old Town map. Want to really ruin all the game's cut scenes? Put this costume on and play through to the end.

morrigan-19354.png Morrigan Costume

Zero Costume

Megaman's more awesome counterpart Zero also has a costume you can nab in the Kiichiro Plaza section of the Willamette Memorial Megaplex. Go inside the King Hiro Arcade store on the upper floor and hang a right.

Just inside the store in the corner (between two red walls) is the prominently displayed Zero costume waiting to be taken and worn. You can nab this one at the same time as the Bass costume as they are in the same plaza.

zero-81039.png Zero Costume

There are almost certainly going to be even more Easter egg costumes scattered across Dead Rising 4's massive map - these are just the ones we've found so far. Let us know about an you come across that we missed in the comments below!

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Published Dec. 8th 2016

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