Xbox One Users Can Now Stream Content to Windows 10

With the new Windows 10 launch being a short while away, the new Xbox one streaming service starts today.

In 10 days we will witness the launch of Windows 10, and for those who already have WIndows 7 or 8.1 the OS will come as a free upgrade. But for Xbox One owners all around the world, their new Xbox to Windows streaming service will start today.

On the Xbox One's last update, Microsoft added in support for the new software feature. Along with the past few updates, it's more than likely that the Xbox one will be receiving several more features soon, and some may include things like party chat support, video capture, and an Xbox Live activity feed. 

With the new streaming service, Microsoft says that the experience on the Xbox One will be mirrored, and that you will get the same experience you get on the PC as you do on the Xbox. Also most games will be available to be streamed except any game that requires the Kinect, but in the end it will all depend on the choice of the developers.

The Xbox One will not be the only device allowed to stream content to the new Windows 10 OS as Windows Phones and tablets also recently have just gotten a software update for the feature. And just to be clear, users will not have to wait 10 days when Windows 10 actually releases, they can start today.


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Published Jul. 19th 2015

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