These Realistic Pokemon Will Make You Want to Put on Your Running Shoes

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If you've ever wondered what Pokemon would probably look like in real life, one man who goes by the name Arvalis (pronounced like marvelous, and real name RJ Palmer) on DeviantArt, has been hard at work making depictions. In fact, he's made so many that he has two different art books for sale; Realistic Pokemon Vol. 1 and Realistic Pokemon Vol. 2. He's done over 100 Pokemon and has recently made a twitter post giving followers a head's up that he will be publishing even more drawings this fall. Just as a word of explanation, we will replace the idea of levels with age since this is supposed to life-like. 

It's a little intimidating to imagine if Pokemon were real. Could you imagine playing Pokemon Go and, as you turn your phone to find that animated model of Weedle, you see it sitting next to a real Mewtwo right in front of you? If that still doesn't sound scary to you, wait until you get to the end of this slideshow.

Published Sep. 19th 2016

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