5 Persona 5 OST Songs That Prove Lyn Inaizumi and Shoji Meguro Are a Match Made in Heaven

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Persona 5's soundtrack is by far one of the best this year, if not the best within the series, or even the JRPG genre for that matter. Everything from Lyn Inaizumi's incredible vocal work, to the unique jazz-rock score which bleeds style and is perfectly fitting for a game that also mimics this aesthetically. Persona 5's soundtrack I believe will go down as a fan favorite -- it certainly is for me.

Today I'll be counting down the five songs in Persona 5 that prove Lyn Inaizumi and Shoji Meguro are a match made in musical composition heaven, and make Persona 5's vocal tracks some of the absolute best original songs for a game in years.

Be careful, Lyn will certainly takes your heart.

Published Apr. 26th 2017

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