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Birthday cake. Wedding cake. Whatever. Who doesn't love it? But cake doesn't last forever. That's why the impermanence, the Wabi-sabi of it, is almost the best part. The bakers of these cakes made these not only for other people, but with the knowledge that their creation would be destroyed for the sake of dessert. It requires a lot of love.

There are some truly talented individuals out there. Bakers are often overlooked as artists, but every now and then we get a glimpse of just how intricate and creative something as timeless as a cake can get. Combining video games and baking is no easy task, but these bakers did it. 

Here's a list of those creative and fun cakes, although I wish I could include a runner's up sub-section because there are so many great ideas from novices as well. 

There's no telling if these tasted good, but we can still awe in their sculpting and culinary ability to make little perishable works of happiness.

NES Cake

Going back to the classics, this NES cake looks super tasty. The good thing about gaming consoles is that they are a convenient shape to start with. Trying one at home would be a good starting point for anyone looking to surprise a loved one with their favorite console as a cake.

Here's a link to the original page.

Minecraft Cake

How did they get those straight lines?! The topper is even edible. I wonder if they made the outline in Minecraft itself before getting to work. If the baker wanted a real challenge, they could always try to replicate a fan creation.

Here's a link to the original page


Portal cube cake

Speaking of cubes, this Portal Companion Cube cake is too adorable. This cake is not a lie! Revel in your long-awaited reward, my friends. 

Picture source

Legend of Zelda cake

Just. Wow.

This Hyrulean shield looks so perfect, I'm not even sure it's edible. This was clearly made with some love and care. Link could just offer this to Ganon and the series would be over!

Picture source


Sonic the Hedgehog cake

This looks like a real (albeit shorter0 level in Sonic! See how the hill helixes up? Kai must be one happy kid and the envy of the neighborhood! I wonder how fast this cake was scarfed down.

Picture source

Plants vs Zombies cake

This Plants vs Zombies cake is one of the best I've seen. Other variations have plastic zombie figurines, but not this one. This is edible from the top of the football helmet down to the dirt. 

Picture source


Skyrim cake

This is a dessert fit for a Dragonborn. Brush up on your dovah-zul, because you need to go ahead and learn the Thu'um: In-Su-Lin. But really, this is pretty badass.

Picture source

Borderlands cake

Yeah. That's a cake. A Claptrap cake. I'm baffled by the structural integrity of this guy. Just...how?! This was a groomsmen cake that, I'm sure, added some Badass Points to the party.

Picture source


Mass Effect cake

Holy cow. I'm glad this includes the step-by-step of how the layers and fondant are added, because I would've been in utter disbelief about this being a real cake. The Krogans would be proud.

Picture source

Mario cake

And finally this monster. Not only did someone make a cake of a Mario's piranha plant, they made it super realistic and creepy. This is some next level creativity that's also super impressive.

Picture source with more angles. 

These beautiful cakes are found in many different varieties throughout the Internet. How-tos and lessons are also available, so try your hand at creating one for a friend or loved one.

Have you seen/created any video-game inspired cakes that you'd like to share? Let me know in the comments!

Published Aug. 20th 2015

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