ESO Summerset Geysers Guide

There are a total of six Abyssal Geysers in Elder Scrolls Online. Here's where to find them!

Abyssal Geysers are a feature in the Summerset Chapter of Elder Scrolls Online, where players can challenge themselves to take on waves of enemies with friends, in order to win various special rewards.

There are a total of six geysers across the Summerset Isle, though they can all be played as many times as you'd like. In this guide, we'll tell you where to find them, and exactly what they are.

Everything You Need to Know About Abyssal Geysers in Elder Scrolls Online

What are Abyssal Geysers?

Abyssal Geysers are public group events in Elder Scrolls Online, that offer opportunities to win Overland Set Jewelry as rewards, as well as opportunities to level up with the Psijic Order NPC Guild.

As stated above, you will be tasked with fighting multiple waves of challenging foes, before finishing off the event with a final boss battle. The difficulty of this boss depends on how quickly you reached that stage, getting harder the faster you go.

The possible rewards you can earn from completing these events are jewelry set pieces for the Wisdom of Vanus, Gryphon's Ferocity, and Grace of Gloom armor sets, which carry Arcane, Robust, and Healthy jewelry traits, respectively.

These are the same rewards you can receive from completing Dark Anchors, and are earned by destroying the Abyssal Pearls to close the geysers.

Where to Find the Abyssal Geysers

There are a grand total of six Abyssal Geysers in Elder Scrolls Online, which can all be found along the coastline of the Summerset Isles.

They have map icons that vaguely resemble hurricanes, and will appear on your map only if you come near them. Keep an eye out for massive pink beacons of light beaming into the sky. B

elow, we have included a map of all six locations, to make finding them a bit easier. If you were planning on picking up the 18 Skyshards in Summerset as well, you may want to start with those, as they will lead you near each geyser naturally:

Going clockwise, starting with the most northeast icon, the geysers are:

  • Direnni Abyssal Geyser
  • Sil'Var Woad Abyssal Geyser
  • Sunhold Abyssal Geyser
  • Welenkin Abyssal Geyser
  • Rellenthil Abyssal Geyser
  • Corgrad Abyssal Geyser

Enemies You May Fight at Abyssal Geysers

There are five different regular enemies you may see throughout your wave fights, as well as one elite enemy:


  • Acolyte of Bedlam
  • Yaghra Larva
  • Yaghra Larva Popper
  • Yaghra Spewer
  • Yaghra Strider


  • Yaghra Monstrosity

On the other hand, there is much more diversity in the bosses you can potentially face. There are a total of ten final bosses that can appear, and each individual one will earn you a 10 point achievement.

Defeating every boss will then get you a bonus 15 point achievement. For those looking to earn every achievement, you will need to destroy each of the six Abyssal Pearls once, and complete a total of 50 Abyssal Geysers.

Final Bosses:

  • Churug of the Abyss
  • Darkstorm the Allyring
  • Eejoba the Radiant
  • Girawell the Erratic
  • Muustikar Wave-Eater
  • Reefhammer
  • Ruella Many-Claws
  • Sheefar of the Depths
  • Tidewrack
  • Vsskalvor

That's everything you need to know about Abyssal Geysers in Elder Scrolls Online. There is so much more to this expansion, as well as to this absolutely massive game. If you'd like to learn more about it, considering checking out our other Elder Scrolls Online guides in the guides hub!


Published Feb. 2nd 2022

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