Doom Eternal Gameplay Trailer Razes Hell With Swords and Gore

Heavy on plot, Doom Eternal's newest gameplay trailer doesn't skimp on the ultra-violence that makes Doom Doom.

Doom Eternal's latest gameplay trailer wades knee-deep in gore and lore. Bethesda's followup to Doom 2016, Eternal cranks the proverbial knob to 11 and breaks it off. Doom Guy is peak slayer, and the dead of Hell are in for a world of hurt. 

Giving off some serious Doom 2 vibes, Doom Eternal carries on from where its predecessor left off. Earth is overrun by Hellspawn, but that won't stop our favorite UAC marine from painting the world red. New guns, new glory kills, and new demons feature heavily in the gameplay trailer seen above. 

Though id and Bethesda have infused Eternal with a hefty dose of story and plot — which is on full display here — Doom has always been about slaughtering demons in the goriest ways imaginable. And Doom Eternal appears to deliver in blood-soaked spades

Calling back to baddies such as the Cyberdemon, Spiderdemon, and Hell Guard, we get our first look at some of Eternal's towering bosses. The Marauder makes a bone-chilling appearance, too, complete with its blood-red battleax. 

As expected, we also see the weapons with which we'll be able to dispatch imps and cacodemons, from a brand-new sword to series' staples such as the Super Shotgun and BFG. Eternal's new grappling and movement mechanics also make an appearance. It's all set to the head-thrashing awesomeness that is Mick Gordon's bone-crunching soundtrack. 

Doom Eternal is set to release for the PC on Steam, PS4, Xbox One, and Google Stadia on March 20. The release date for the seemingly maligned Switch version of the first-person shooter is still up in the air. It's listed as "TBA 2020." 

Those who pre-order the game will get Doom 64 as a digital download, as well as the "Rip and Tear" pack, which includes the Doot Revenant Skin, a bonus campaign master level, and a throwback shotgun weapon skin. The Doom Eternal deluxe edition includes the Year One Game Pass (two currently unannounced campaign DLCs), the demonic slayer skin, and the classic weapons sound pack.  

Delayed from its original November 22, 2019, release date, Doom Eternal was first unveiled at QuakeCon 2018. To no one's surprise, it recently made our list of most anticipated FPS games of 2020

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Doom Eternal news as it spawns. 


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Published Jan. 14th 2020

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