Indivisible demo arrives to PS4 in Europe

The Indivisible demo finally makes its way to PS4 in Europe.

If you are in Europe and still haven't given the Indivisible demo a try because you are waiting for it to be released on PlayStation 4, then wait no longer. It is now available to download from the PlayStation store. 

Lab Zero, the developer behind Indivisible and Skullgirls, has launched a crowdfunding project on Indiegogo for the game. Indivisible is inspired by classic games like Valkyrie Profile and Supe Metroid. In the game, you will take control of Ajna, a girl that has the ability to absorb people into her, and then summon them to aid her in battle. 

Characters from other games have also been announced to appear in Indivisible, including Shovel Knight from Shovel Knight, Annie from Skullgirls and Juan from Guacamelee.

If you want to help Lab Zero fund their game, go to their Indiegogo page, and donate to their project. If it gets funded, Indivisible will be coming out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam during 2018. 



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Published Nov. 11th 2015

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