Indivisible to feature characters from Shovel Knight and Guacamelee

RPG Indivisible to feature a cast of guest characters from other indie titles!

It looks like Lab Zero Games' new role-playing game Indivisible is going to be including a handful of playable party members from popular indie games. The developers have already promised a pretty big cast of characters to begin with, with protagonist Ajna being able to team up with 25 different "Incarnations" throughout her adventures.

But on top of all that, players can look forward to the following familiar faces:

  • Shovel Knight, from Shovel Knight
  • Juan, from Guacamelee
  • Annie, from Skullgirls
  • The Drifter, from Hyper Light Drifter
  • Zackasaurus, from Super Time Force Ultra
  • Lea, from Curses N' Chaos
  • Calibretto, from Battle Chasers

It'll be fun for fans of these indie franchises to see their favorite characters adapted into the RPG and it's unique battle system. Lab Zero announced that they're working hard at making the characters fit properly into the world of Indivisible and that they hope to have more guest characters to join up with Anja in the future.

Indivisible is a hybrid game, featuring both platforming and RPG elements. The combat system is reminiscent of the system found in Valkyrie Profile, which released back in 1999. Each member of your four-person party is mapped to one of the face buttons on the controller, allowing for the group to function as a customizable fighting game character. Different weapons and abilities will allow for directional inputs on the controller for combos, also letting you hit multiple enemies at once. 

You can help fund Indivisible by checking out its Indiegogo page.



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Published Nov. 4th 2015

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