Dauntless Guide: How to Use Ostian Repeaters for Maximum Damage

The Ostian Repeaters get a lot of unfair criticism because they aren't as simple as they seem. Make sure you're dealing maximum damage and helping your team with this handy guide.

Now that you've found the Ostian Repeaters and decked yourself out with a good build, there's a crucial missing link for Dauntless' dual-wield weapons — how on earth do you use them?

Before you raise your pitchforks and take your "they're pistols, how difficult can they be?!" remarks to the comments, just listen a moment. Though the Ostian Repeaters can function as pistols, you'll do far more damage if you use them like shotguns. Deceptive, I know.

Allow me to explain; you might think you're Lara Croft, but you're really more like Overwatch's Reaper. Treat the repeaters like shotguns and stay at close range or you won't be getting the optimum damage potential from your weapons. There are two main reasons for this, which we'll explain in this guide. 

Keep Your Crosshairs Crimson

Dauntless has a handy system in place that tells you whether you're dealing maximum damage with your Ostian Repeaters: the crosshair

In the picture above, you'll notice a plain-old boring white crosshair. Take a glance at the image below, however, and you'll see the crosshair has turned blood-red. 

When the crosshair is red, you're in range to do maximum damage. If you fire your Ostian Repeaters at a greater distance, you'll realize you don't do much damage at all.

This is the main reason people write off the repeaters as a useless weapon, and will often bemoan their use — if you ever receive any complaints while you're loading into a hunt, just let your teammates know you are a competent dual-wielder!

Eviscerate Behemoths with Empowered Repeaters

The other important gameplay tip you need to understand for the Ostian Repeaters is the empowered reload system. By reloading your repeaters in close proximity to a behemoth, you gain an Empowered buff that increases your basic damage as well as your abilities. 

You have to be really close — pretty much melee range — to get this buff. Without it, the repeaters are a lackluster weapon choice, but you'll notice your DPS increases drastically when you do have it.

This is the other reason that you should treat the Ostian Repeaters more like shotguns; if you stay in close range, you can constantly remain empowered. You can tell how long you're empowered for by looking at your primary fire icon. It slowly turns from blue to grey as the buff runs out. 

While empowered, your chamber and grip abilities do more damage and gain additional effects, so it's vital that you learn to revolve your gameplay around staying empowered for as long as possible.


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Published May. 31st 2019

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