Dauntless Guide: Best Weapons Tier List

Slay behemoths more effectively with the help of this best weapons tier list for Dauntless.

Dauntless, a free-to-play monster hunting RPG, is now available on consoles. The game revolves around Slayers who hunt and kill behemoth creatures.

The weapon pool in the game is extremely large, and it can be really hard to find the best weapon for new players. That is why we offer you a tier list of the best weapons in Dauntless that will surely fit one of your builds.

Remember that certain weapons are good against certain types of enemies, but weapons mentioned below are known to the community to be the highest DPS weapons in the game across the board.

Inferno's Razor

  • Weapon type: Hellion Sword
  • Damage type: Slashing/Stagger
  • Elemental power: +80 Blaze

This weapon is made to deal a lot of damage with maxed out Overpower perk that can bring its total power to 550 points.

In addition, it has a unique ability to hit for extra 250 damage during a successive eighth hit. Together with the Blaze damage it will rack up to 880 total, which is simply brutal amount of damage.

With the help of the Reactive Hilt mod you can increase the chance of a critical hit while dodging, which is perfect for any DPS sword build.

Call of Dawn

  • Weapon type: Rezakiri Sword
  • Damage type: Slashing/Stagger
  • Elemental power: +80 Radiant

If you want your build to focus on killing Umbral behemoths, then there is no better weapon for it than this Rezakiri weapon.

The power level of Call of Dawn is very similar to Inferno's Razor, but it's unique ability allows you a 10% chance to hit enemies twice in one swing. If your damage output is maxed out, it means that you can hit for 1100 points of damage with this weapon.

So this is a great alternative to Inferno's Razor, if your goal is to strike Umbral behemoths.

Inferno's Burden

  • Weapon type: Hellion Hammer
  • Damage type: Blunt/Stagger
  • Elemental power: +80 Blaze

There isn't much difference in terms of damage between the Hellion sword and hammer, but the latter one gives you a quicker access to the extra 250 damage. Instead of the eighth successive hit, you will get the extra 250 damage on your sixth hit with a hammer.

Of course, the hammer is a lot slower than the sword, especially if you're using the Extended Clip mod. But if you're out of ammo, then its speed increases drastically and you can swing for a lot of damage really quickly with Inferno's Burden.

Raging Crash

  • Weapon type: Gnasher Hammer
  • Damage type: Blunt/Stagger
  • Elemental power: N/A

Elemental damage can be very effective against certain types of behemoths, but it can be as equally ineffective against those types of enemies that have elemental immunities.

That is why having a simple DPS weapon with no elemental damage like Raging Crash could prove to be a very effective choice, as it can basically deal with any type of enemy.

Inferno's Decree

  • Weapon type: Hellion Axe
  • Damage type: Slashing/Stagger
  • Elemental power: +80 Blaze

Unsurprisingly, one of the most powerful axes in Dauntless is another Hellion weapon, as it is undoubtedly the strongest DPS weapon in the game.

Just like the Hellion hammer it adds an extra 250 damage to each sixth successive hit.

But it's possible to make it deal even more damage under special circumstances with the help of such perks like Predator and Ragehunter.

Stalker's Mercy


  • Weapon type: Riftstalker Axe
  • Damage type: Slashing/Stagger
  • Elemental power: +80 Umbral

Non-Predator builds can be just as effective in Dauntless, and since that perk slows you down, it is a good idea to find a weapon that would deal a lot of damage without it.

Stalker's Mercy is an excellent choice for a faster axe build that can utilize the Molten perk for even more speed. But if removing the Predator perk would be enough for you, then it is suggested to use Cunning perk for that extra critical hit damage.

Ostian Repeaters

  • Weapon type: Reapeaters
  • Damage type: Barrel dependent
  • Elemental power: Barrel dependent

The repeaters are not only made for fun, but also some effective action.

Of course, everything depends on your choice of parts, and if you're looking to create a build based on Ostian Repeaters, then here is a list of components that will get you the max amount of damage:

  • Blaze Barrel
  • Marksman Chamber
  • Admiral's Grip
  • Brilliant Prism

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Published Jun. 10th 2019

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