H1Z1's G29 Keeping Thousands of Players Out of The Game

The G29 error is widespread in H1Z1 today, locking players out of the game.

If you've been trying to log into H1Z1 today and have been getting game error G29, don't panic: You and thousands of other players are stuck in the same log in hell.

The G29 error is a worrying one, stating your Station Account does not have access to H1Z1 -- which at first glance looks like you may be banned. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending how you look at it) this is widespread enough to be an issue with the Station Account system, and for the time being probably is not a problem on your end.

These issues come immediately after Sony Online Entertainment was acquired by Columbus Nova, and after the acquisition changed their name to Daybreak Game Company to better reflect their studio.

Is there any way to fix the G29 error? Not really...

The timing of the error along with the change in ownership is worrying to some H1Z1 community members, but it is very likely big changes are needed on the backend to accommodate the shift to Daybreak Game Company. This would explain today's issues after yesterday's change in ownership.

H1Z1 is meant to see a character/world wipe sometime this week, as warned yesterday by dev Steve George. Don't be surprised if those are coming soon or immediately after the widespread G29 error has been dealt with. 

Time to sit back and hope our characters are still there once the error has been sorted.

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Published Feb. 3rd 2015

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