10 Marvel Heroes That Deserve a Great Game

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Superhero games are more hit and miss than any other genre in gaming. Both Marvel and DC have their fair shares of hits and misses. But now DC has the Arkham series under it's belt. Marvel has some catching up to do. 

The good news is, Marvel is starting to be more cautious with its properties and has expressed a desire to make great console games. This is awesome news for not just Marvel fans (which is pretty much everyone these days) but all gaming fans. Much like the way DC reinvented Batman in games, Marvel has the opportunity to start on a clean slate. Imagine a world where an Iron Man game, or a Spider-Man game is as anticipated as the Arkham series!

So with the news of Marvel's fresh outlook on console games, we decided to look at which heroes are most deserving of a great video game. Of course you could list hundreds of characters, but we chose the 10 that could best fit a game, mechanics-wise.

Not all heroes would easily make for a great game. Yake Namor for example. Namor, Marvel's answer to Aquaman, is a cool character and plenty deserving of a game, but trying to make one that takes place half in water and half on land would be no easy feat. Like one half Infamous, one half Abzu.

So read on to find out which heroes made the cut! 

Published Jul. 15th 2015
  • Elijah Beahm
    Featured Columnist
    I'd love to see a Miss Marvel game... just not necessarily by Telltale. There are so many gameplay opportunities with her body-shifting powers that I'd be a bit disappointed if all we got was one half (making tough choices) of her life. It'd be more interesting to have, say, a hybrid of Bioware and Ninja Theory put together a Miss Marvel game.

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