Call Of Duty Mobile Season 3 Kicks Off This Friday

Call of Duty Mobile's new season sends players to Tokyo with a Samurai theme, new maps, mods, and events.

Call of Duty Mobile starts its third and latest season, Tokyo Escape, this Friday, April 16. The new season will include two new maps, new operator skills and BR classes, new weapons, and an all-new multiplayer mode. 

The two maps being added are both old and new, with the return of the Oasis map first introduced in Modern Warfare 3, while the other map, Coastal, is an original map designed for Call of Duty Mobile and specifically for Search and Destroy. 

The new multiplayer mode is Swords & Stones, which will be available for a limited time from May 6-12. It's a free-for-all melee-weapons-only mode meant to bring players "back to basics" of just trying to punch and knife each other in the face. 

There will also be a new optimized version of Night Mode, dubbed Night Mode 2.0, that will be available from April 22-28.

On the battle royale side of updates, players will be able to earn a new operator skill called Bull Charge, and a new class called Spotter, which will be made available through a separate event later in the season. 

On top of new seasonal challenges, players can also earn two epic premier weapons, PP19 Bizon - Yokai, or the QXR - Scorching Sun. The first thing to look out for though will be the season's first event, The Warrior's Path, which begins on later this month on April 29. For more on Call of Duty Mobile, stay tuned to GameSkinny. 


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Published Apr. 13th 2021

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