GTAV Fans: Beware iFruit Android Apps

Beware imitators: Rockstar has yet to release iFruit application for Android.

iFruit, the companion app to Grand Theft Auto V, was released for iOS users at launch, but Android users on the look out for the app beware: as of yet, there is no Rockstar official iFruit app. 

The iFruit app, an obvious nod to Apple, is a companion for users of GTAV. In the application you can customize your cards, teach your dog Chop new tricks, and create license plates. The game is currently only available in the iTunes store. 

That means that if you encounter an iFruit app in the app stores for Android, Windows Phone, Playstation Mobile and Vita, then you're at risk for malware. Currently there are two iFruit apps in the Google Play store, but neither are officially licensed products from Rockstar (GTAV's publisher.) Google has been taking down the fakes, but Rockstar suggests paying attention to official channels to find out when the Android version will be released. 

There's no word yet about an official release for the Android version of the iFruit app, and the iOS version has been slightly buggy to date, with log in and functionality issues. Future cross-platform release is expected, but remember to wait for official word from Rockstar itself. 

Published Sep. 23rd 2013
  • Clay
    Featured Contributor
    As an android user, this makes me angry =(
  • Caden Moniz
    Featured Correspondent
    Me too. It sucks that people are creating fake apps for this. Luckily I have Android and Apple products, so for now I can get it for my iPhone.

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