Temtem's Starter Critters and Types Revealed

Temtem tasks you with choosing from three starter creatures as you begin your journey, and here's what they'll be.

Humble Bundle and Spain-based developer Crema are working on a Pokemon-inspired MMORPG called Temtem. Today, Crema shared an exclusive trailer with GameSpot highlighting the starter Temtem and showing off some of the monster types we can expect to find in the game when it launches in early 2020.

First up is Crystle, a — surprise! — cute lil' Crystal-type lizard Temtem that specializes in defensive maneuvers with high defense and stamina stats. Crystal-types seem a bit like Rock-type Pokemon, in that it's weak to Melee attacks. Though, unlike Rock Pokemon, Crystle is also effective against Electric Temtem.

Speaking of Melee, next up is Smazee, the monkey Melee Temtem with a lion's mane. Smazee specializes in speed and attack and is the more offense-oriented starter. These are called elegant battle machines and work well against Earth and Crystal types.

And last we have Houchic, the Mental Temtem (no joke) that looks like... well, we aren't really sure. But like the Psychic types this is definitely based on, Houchic excels in special attacks and speed, especially against Neutral and Melee Temtem.

While three starters of somewhat complementary types is very similar to Pokemon, it seems Temtem actually gives you the chance to encounter these starters in the wild as well, or at least Crystle.

Details are still fairly thin about Temtem right now, but we'll know more once it enters Steam early access on January 21, 2020.

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Temtem news as it develops.


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Published Dec. 19th 2019

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