5 Classic First-person Shooters Everyone Loved

Love first-person shooters? Find out which classic first person shooters are listed.

Everyone has memories of playing spectacular video games. What's nice is that many of them are different. Some games may have been adventure-orientated or majestic role-playing experiences, others might well be first-person shooters where either intense action or stealth were paramount against hordes of relentless adversaries.

Here is a short list of five classic first-person shooters which have been both pioneering influences and incredible experiences in the realm of video games:

5. Doom

The classic first-person shooter which almost singlehandedly pioneered the genre. Doom featured menacing adversaries of varying difficulty and danger, clever level designs, as well as intense combat — which was the game's greatest selling point. Pinned against demonic monsters from hell, players had to rely on quick reflexes and skill in order to survive on higher difficulties.

The game was adored for implementing most of the features, but it was also famous for introducing a classic, no-nonsense character still praised as a bad ass.

4. Quake

Quake was another massively important first-person shooter which had a significant impact on the world of video games. Developed by the same guys who developed Doom, this was a newer IP meant to improve upon everything attempted in the classic shooter. Game environments were rendered in full three-dimensional shapes, as opposed to Doom's camera-tracking (which was made to look 3D) two-dimensional offering. Multiplayer matchmaking was popularized and expanded compared to Doom with more game modes and larger teams. Quake also allowed networking opportunities through linked computers, which gradually grew into the substantial Quake Con.

3. Perfect Dark

Rare's legendary first-person shooter featured plenty of interesting developments within the genre. Here, stealth was now a completely different option to the conventional run-and-gun approach, but both could be used depending on the situation presented. It also introduced a strong, female protagonist, which was something most surprising for a first-person shooter at the time since most were considered intensely masculine. Multiplayer in this game was perhaps the most complex and impressive with tons of different modes and even challenges, pitting the player and their buddies against AI of different difficulties and even predetermined behaviors. A really punchy soundtrack with dark undertones and intense guitar-orientated arrangements was really something, too.

2. Goldeneye 007

Possibly the greatest movie-to-game experience ever created in video games, Goldeneye 007 is one of Rare's legendary titles of the 1990s - 2000s era. Boasting fully-rendered three-dimensional environments and characters, Goldeneye 007 was very impressive for its time. The hit detection on different body parts was also something pioneering here, with different animations executed depending on areas hit. Goldeneye 007's campaign featured all areas from the film, but were appropriately expanded, featuring clever level design using switches, doors and appropriately spawned adversaries. Finally, the multiplayer was super impressive with tons of options within a four player split-screen mode for good times with your buddies.

1. Halo: Combat Evolved

One of the greatest first-person shooters ever created spawned one of the best-selling franchises in video game history. Featuring an intense combat system and wonderful gameplay mechanics, there was perhaps never better gameplay in a first-person shooter before this. Bungie managed to tell a story which was impressive and deep, with wonderful lore surrounding the different races featured within the game and endless information on the various equipment and vehicles featured. Vehicular combat, which has arguably never been done as well as in Halo was available often enough in the campaign and multiplayer making it an understandably substantial additionFinally, it had possibly one of the greatest soundtracks to ever be featured in a video game, especially a first-person shooter.

Those were 5 classic first-person shooters everyone loved. Do you believe there are others which should be featured on here? Let me know in the comments!

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Published Jul. 22nd 2016

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