Meet Crissbell's Crew in New Cris Tales Character Trailer

Crisbell is set for a journey with some wild company if the new Cris Tales character trailer is anything to go by.

We've known Crisbell from Cris Tales for a while now, but a new Cris Tales trailer finally introduces us to her companions. Modus Games debuted the Cris Tales character trailer during the spring Future Games Show 2021 showcase.

Aside from Crisbell herself, voiced by NieR: Automata's Kira Buckland, there's Wilhelm the child magician (Lindsey Vega). Wilhelm wields great power at the cost of looking like a child, probably because they're actually a child in denial.

Christopher (Zeno Robinson, My Hero Academia) is a battle mage who wields a unique gauntlet weapon. Christopher can deal damage directly with these gloves and channel elemental energy through them, but he can also create a shield by joining them together.

Cody Rock voices Matias, Crisbell's friendly talking frog, while Lizzie Freeman (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure) is the voice behind Zas, a nomad with a penchant for explosives.

Finally is JKR-721, a robot voiced by Daman Mills (Dragon Ball FighterZ). It uses charge armor and a jetpack in battle and just to look cool.

Cris Tales still doesn't have a solid release date but is planned for launch sometime in July 2021. Meanwhile, check out the snazzy Cris Tales collector's edition if you haven't already.


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Published Mar. 26th 2021

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