Genshin Impact: How to Process 3 Ingredients

Here is how you can process 3 ingredients in Genshin Impact so you can progress in your Adventurer's Handbook and cook more recipes.

Early on in Genshin Impact, your Adventurer's Handbook will ask you to Process 3 ingredients. This task is in Chapter 3 of your Adventurer's Handbook, and if you're wondering how to do it, we go over the steps below. 

Not only is this task required to progress in your Adventurer's Handbook, but you should always process ingredients when you can. Processing ingredients provides you with newer items and ingredients that can be used in certain cooking recipes.

How to Process 3 Ingredients

To get started, you must go to a cooking pot. You're introduced to cooking pots even earlier in the game, and you should already be aware that there is a cooking pot directly outside Mondstadt.

When you go to the cooking menu, move over one tab, and go into the Process section. Here, you can find a list of items that can be processed. For example, the very first item listed is Flour.

Processing items takes time, and Flour takes one minute to fully process, while Sugar takes three minutes to process fully. For our purposes, we'll use 1 unit of Wheat to get 1 unit of Flour.

Processing Menu

You can also enter the amount of an item you'd like to make with the slider that pops up after you select "cook." If you stay in the menu after you start processing, you can see the item's processing time counting down in real-time.

After your ingredients are done processing, go back to the Processing menu at the cooking pot, and select "obtain."

Now that you've gotten your Flour, you can process it two more times to complete the "process 3 ingredients" task in your Adventurer's Handbook.


It's also beneficial to process as many ingredients as you can at once. For example, if you process 1 unit of Sugar, and then wait one minute and process another unit of Sugar, then the first one will finish processing before the second one does.

Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a way for the game to tell you when your ingredients are done processing, so you'll have to manually check back into the cooking pot to get your finished ingredients.

Luckily, you can retrieve your items from any cooking pot; it doesn't have to be the one you originally put the ingredients in.

That's all you need to know about how to process 3 ingredients in Genshin Impact to progress your Adventurer's Handbook and start cooking even more recipes. Stay tuned for more Genshin Impact guides


Published Oct. 1st 2020

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