Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare: Engineer Variants Guide

Need to know every type of Engineer there is in Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare? Then, check out this Engineer Class Variant guide!

The Engineer is an amazing support class in Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare. They provide air support with the Zombot Drone, build teleporters for quick travel, turrets to shoot down enemy drones, and stun plants with grenades.

This guide will go over each Engineer variant. I'll cover what they do and tips for each one. I'll explain their damage, ammo, range and more as well. By the end of this guide, you'll have all the information needed to pick your favorite Engineer variant. For tips on the basics of this class, visit my Engineer class guide.

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This guide will cover everything about the Engineer variants including:

  • Engineer Variants - Each variant and what they do.
  • Class Variant Tips - Tips for each variant, when necessary.

Engineer Variants


  • Default variant. Uses a Concrete Launcher as the primary weapon. Similar to a grenade launcher.
  • Upgrades - Extended Ammo Doodad, Homemade Reload Kabob, More Explosive Explosives.
    • Extended Ammo Doodad - Increases ammo capacity.
    • Homemade Reload Kabob - Makes reloading faster.
    • More Explosive Explosives - Increased damage of primary weapon.
  • Stats
    • Ammo - Explosive concrete
    • Reload - Medium
    • Damage Type - Explosive Splash Damage
    • Range - Short to Mid


  • Uses the Welding Blaster as a primary weapon. Does fire damage over time.
  • Upgrades - Extra Hot Stuff, Heat-Resistant Reloader, Extra Hot Fireballs.
    • Extra Hot Stuff - Increases ammo capacity.
    • Heat-Resistant Reloader - Makes reloading faster.
    • Extra Hot Fireballs - Increased damage of primary weapon.
  • Stats
    • Ammo - Hot Stuff
    • Reload - Slow
    • Damage Type - Impact Splash Damage
    • Range - Short to Mid
  • This is a great variant for getting extra damage in after the shot. Shoot a bunch of enemies, then let them burn, or let your teammates finished them off.


  • Uses a Paint Crossbow as the primary weapon. Has a longer zoom, higher damage, but lower rate of fire. Shots travel slower than other variants.
  • Upgrades - Zomboss-Enhanced Paint Box, Less Sticky Reloader, Enhanced Paint Fumes.
    • Zomboss-Enhanced Paint Box - Increases ammo capacity.
    • Less Sticky Reloader - Makes reloading faster.
    • Enhanced Paint Fumes - Increased damage of primary weapon.
  • Stats
    • Ammo - Paint
    • Reload - Slow
    • Damage Type - Impact Splash Damage
    • Range - Short to Long
  • This is amazing at close range and useful at long-range.
  • You can still to splash damage with good accuracy at long-range, but the radius is smaller than the default variant.
  • Stun an enemy with the Grenade, or ride up to them on the Jackhammer, then color them dead with your paint crossbow.


  • Uses an Air Gun as its primary weapon. It shoots faster than the other variants and does not do splash damage.
  • Upgrades - More Nuts and Bolts, Better Air Compression, Harder Nuts and Bolts.
    • More Nuts and Bolts - Increases ammo capacity.
    • Better Air Compression - Makes reloading faster.
    • Harder Nuts and Bolts - Increased damage of primary weapon.
  • Stats
    • Ammo - Nuts 'n' Bolts
    • Reload - Medium
    • Damage Type - Impact
    • Range - Mid
  • Nice when you need to shoot things quickly. The rapid fire of this gun can get you out of some type spots, but you have to aim more because there is no splash damage.


  • Uses a Volt-O-Blaster as its primary weapon. Has a shorter range and does electricity damage.
  • Upgrades - Power Converter Upgrade, Supercharged Reloader, Super Electron Damage.
    • Power Converter Upgrade - Increases ammo capacity.
    • Supercharged Reloader - Makes reloading faster.
    • Super Electron Damage - Increased damage of primary weapon.
  • Stats
    • Ammo - Electric Blast
    • Reload - Medium
    • Damage Type - Electric Shock
    • Range - Short
  • It is similar to the Painter because it is most effective at close range. It is best used as a disrupting class.
  • The Electric Blast does area damage and can destroy any mines or traps in the area.
  • Plants that get hit by it also have their screen distorted, making it hard to see.


  • Uses a Plunge Shot as its primary weapon. Same as the default variant, but bigger splash radius. It also adds water
  • Upgrades - Improved Plunger Stacking, Less Slippery Reloader, Enhanced De-Clogging.
    • Improved Plunger Stacking - Increases ammo capacity.
    • Less Slippery Reloader - Makes reloading faster.
    • Enhanced De-Clogging - Increased damage of primary weapon.
  • Stats
    • Ammo - Explosive Plungers
    • Reload - Slow
    • Damage Type - Impact Splash Damage
    • Range - Mid
  • This variant is great if you want a bigger radius with the normal Engineer weapon.
  • This is great for groups of enemies and destroying things in a large area.

That's it for the Engineer variants. Leave a comment if you have any questions or suggestions.

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Published Mar. 9th 2014
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