Saddle Up: Red Dead Online Offers Extra Bonuses to Bounty Hunters

The Bounty Hunters License is free for a limited time, while a range of complimentary goodies are now available alongside horses at reduced cost.

A special celebration of bounty hunters is now live in Red Dead Online. From February 4 to February 10, the Bounty Hunter License is free from the Bounty Board.

All new and active Bounty Hunter players can also nab 25 Bolas and 25 Tracking Arrows at no cost. They can be found in the Camp Lockbox or at the Post Office. Perhaps more importantly, though: players will also see some big discounts.

In addition to the 25% reduction in Stable Slot costs, bounty hunters can get 40% off these horses and emotes during the event:

  • Breton (horse)
  • Criollo (horse)
  • Kladruber (horse)
  • Norfolk Roadster (horse)
  •  I'm Watching You (emote)
  • Hat Tipping (emote)
  • Look To Distance (emote)
  • Hangover (emote)

Want even more goodies? If you're a PS+ member, you get three free Mash Refills for your Moonshiner operation and three free Trader Resupplies.

Meanwhile, if you've signed up for Twitch Prime and linked accounts with the Rockstar Games Social Club, you also immediately earn a Polished Copper Still Upgrade and a Collector's Bag.

Not sure how to become a Bounty Hunter yet? Find out how to start and see the full list of rewards in our Red Dead Online Bounty Hunter guide.

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Published Feb. 4th 2020

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