The 5 Best Mobile Games of 2017 So Far

Power Rangers Legacy Wars

Android and iOS

This mobile fighting game was released alongside the brand new movie, and unlike movie tie-in games of the past, it's actually decent.

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is a fighting game where you can play as almost any ranger or main villain from the franchises 23 year history. You only start with three characters, but as you progress through the game, you can unlock more characters by buying them with in-game currency or completing certain challenges.

Not only is it a surprisingly fun mobile fighting game as well as a treat for any Power Rangers fan, but it has also managed to be the best Power Rangers game released this year. The previously released, Power Rangers Mega Battle, for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One got less than stellar reviews and ironically looks more like a mobile game than Legacy Wars.

Hopefully we'll get to see a console version of Power Rangers: Legacy Wars, or at least something similar, soon enough.

Get it on Google Play or the App Store.

Published Apr. 19th 2017

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