Is a Pokemon game with every region included possible?

Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, and Kalos. Everyone loves every single region but would they all really fit in one single story from the get go?

Possibly the most popular demand out there in the Pokémon community is the want for a Pokémon game that includes every single main-game region. All 6 of them! However, do people realize that chaos that could ensue on the poor trainers in that game?

Allow me to give you three reasons why a Pokémon game with every single region would just not work.

1. The levels

I think we all remember Pokémon Gold and Pokémon Silver, right?

Johto finally has their own game only to have their trainers be called weak by its in-game trainers in the Kanto region. Remember that you could travel between Johto and Kanto, which was an awesome feature for anyone who got the game. By the end of your journey in Johto, you were coming out with around level 40 to level 50 Pokémon and when you enter Kanto; you're facing people with level 60+. It was ridiculous.

2. Who'd be the villain?

Before you say, "they would all work together", let me respond with a quick no.

These guys can't work with each other for the life of them. Cyrus abandoned (both in the anime and game) his team for some random dimension that probably crumbled all those years ago. Lysandre wasn't going to spare his own team from basically genocide. Maxie and Archie turn on each other in their respective games. Ghetsis basically does a complete 180 and would probably kill anyone boss that upsets him. Honestly, I think Colress and Giovanni could work together. They're not insane at all...for the most part. So that leaves us with one question:

Who's going to be the villain?

Each region has their own respective teams so it's no doubt that if there were to be another team; they'd be in their respective region causing world destructive mayhem. Not in any other region for no particular reason. Legendaries? They have those in every region. Giovanni is probably the only one who'd go around every region trying to wipe everyone out but unfortunately, that's only in the anime. I say unfortunately because I would love to wipe the floor with Giovanni in every region.

3. What's the story and what Pokemon is causing the chaos this time around?

Honestly, as I write this, I'm actually thinking of a possible story but then...what legendary Pokémon’s going to endanger the Pokémon world this time around?

If you say all of them, then I don't know what to tell you. Unlike in the Hoopa movie, I'm pretty sure that's impossible. Palkia and Dialga would've corrupted space and time by the time you get to Mewtwo while Arceus would've already taken out Sinnoh. Giratina would be dragging humans and most likely the boss of whatever gang's causing trouble down to the Reverse World (AKA the Distortion World) and…well, no one would really live from that.

Especially since, you know, there are certain items that stop certain Pokémon but definitely not one item that would stop them all. You'd basically have to go every single region to calm every single legendary down but that would take forever and the world would've already ended by then. 

So yeah, if GameFreak really made a Pokémon game with all regions, they could probably just leave us with two from the get go and the rest would be DLC. However, to be completely honest, it would just be ridiculous as to what you'd be facing if they were all there from the start...but maybe (most likely), I'm wrong.

Is there any reason you think a game like that would work? Leave it in the comments below!

Published Aug. 20th 2015
  • Chris_1883
    the problem with articles like this (which give a sttrike in my NEEEERVES) is that you dont think about a solution which could give a possible to make game. For example you could put all the regions and play like this a scenario: A 10 year old boy is gonna take its first pokemon from the profesor. After 5 or 6 gyms a global war began. The 2 sides are the trainers, gym leaders and etc against the evil organizations of every region. After finihing the Kanto and Johto league and beating the Team Rocket in both regions you probably would be around lvl 80-90. So whats a solution????? After arriving to Hoenn to save the region from the migty organizations Aqua and Magma, a accident occurs in the ship after their attack and all of your pokemon get a bad hit and you cannot use them until only the professor Oak heal them for you, but you will not be able to have them for 1 or 2 regions. So the professor of Hoenn region help you to your new try to beat the bad guys. Every city is in war and bad shape but you dont give up. After many fights and many killed friends you arrived into Sinnoh to stop the sourse os a strange epidemy which kills many humans around the globe. your pokemon team gets sick and its lvl fall around 20-30 lvl and its unable to battle!!! -_-!!! SOOOOOOOO!!!! Anew adventure to save the world and a brand new pokemon team and friends who follow you to save the world. Next target is Unova wwhich have felt completly to the evil guys. This is war against NATIONS and many get killed in the procces. After so many blood you learn that to stop the war in global scale you must travel to Kalos region where the final battle is in action. This time you have available all your pokemon that get hurt or sick and they are ready for battle. The game ends by conquering the region. To stabilaze the peace around the world you organize pokemon battles that will give to the world their GLOBAL CHAMPIOOOOOOOONNN!!!!!. The fights will last 3 or 4 months (in game time, no in real time). And offcourse the game ends with you as a winner.
  • Kye S.
    This is, of course, all assuming that it sticks to the same formula it always has, instead of doing something totally new.

    Games of that scale aren't common, but aren't unheard of. MMOs have already been mentioned, but also consider games like Elder Scrolls Arena, which took place in the entirety of its main continent, Tamriel, rather than individual regions like the later games, though it did so using randomized terrain.

    Difficulty scaling would definitely be an issue, though there could be workarounds. It could use a level scaling system so that trainers always stayed at an appropriate level in relation to the trainer (in relation to, not matching), which would also possibly cut down on grinding problems seen in games in the past.

    I, for example, usually end up way underleveled for the current area in the games, but end up beating everyone anyway.

    As for the teams? Who says that it even has to be a team we've seen before? Or that any team has to be restricted to one region? Team Rocket sure wasn't. Heck, it could end up being a huge battle royale like the Hoenn games, just across all regions with more than just the two teams?

    As to legendary pokemon, there also doesn't have to be one for every region, nor does there even have to be a rampaging legendary at all. There wasn't in the original games and, despite having two regions, there was only one problem pokemon you were required to battle in the Gen II games. Which, I might add, also only had one team.

    It could be done, and I honestly see Pokémon as being one of the best franchises to actually achieve a game of that scale, but it likely won't happen, as that would limit options for future games.

    If anything, such a game would likely be a harbinger for the end of the franchise, a last hurrah, if you will, which I honestly don't see happening any time soon.
  • alvar_5541
    También fue porque me apasiona mis infancia dibujos animados Pokemon, aunque el juego es que puedo jugar sin aburrirse.
  • David Fisher
    Featured Columnist
    If pokemon made a game with every region, it would have to be an MMO. Players would choose which country they start in (and possibly city as well) and they would set out from there. I don't see any other possible conclusion where this would work, especially on a portable console due to data and other limitations.
  • Dustin Frisch
    It'd almost have to be a PC game too or somehow on the Wii U or the NX
  • Zach Stratton
    I couldn't agree more. Something of this scale probably wouldn't fit on a handheld. An MMO could be a bit of a turn off for me (not my favorite genre), but I would definitely give it a shot just because Pokemon.

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