NVIDIA Announces Geforce Now Game Streaming Service

Nvidia expands its SHIELD Geforce Now streaming service to all PCs and Macs -- even those not game-ready.

At CES, NVIDIA announced the upcoming launch of its video game streaming service Geforce Now.

This service will connect users with non-game ready PCs to powerful PASCAL-powered computers via the cloud, allowing gamers whose computers are unable to handle modern AAA games (such as PCs with integrated graphics, Apple computers, or note/netbook computers) to access a variety of games and apps, including Netflix and their full Steam library. Previously available on the Nvidia SHIELD, Geforce Now will be available to all PC and Mac users.

Users will be able to use virtually any device to access and play the available library -- but instead of having to have their own gaming rig to connect to as with Steam's Big Picture streaming service, they would connect to a series of gaming-ready computers managed by NVIDIA.

This would open up PC gaming to a large number of people -- estimated at one billion by NVIDIA -- who currently lack the necessary hardware. It will even allow Mac users to access their entire Steam libraries -- including the plethora of PC games that are unavailable on Mac OS.

Geforce Now heads into Early Access in March 2017, with initial pricing set at $25 per 20 hours of gameplay. Other plans with increased features will also be available.


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Published Jan. 5th 2017

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