Best Obscure YouTube Channels for Gamers in 2018

kAN Gaming

Sometimes, you just want to get a little creative. Instead of adventure and combat, you just want to sit down and build something and that's okay. That's exactly why designing and engineering games exist.

kAN Gaming is a channel dedicated solely to this genre of games. The channel owner spend a lot of time in games like Scrap Mechanic, Trailmakers, and Factorio, building a wide variety of things. Note the UFO in the video above. 

Vehicles of all kinds are a pretty big focus of this channel. Perhaps it's due to the challenge of making something that moves. 

And before you ask. Yes, there is some more general gameplay. You're just not going to find any RPG, action, or shooter games here. 

Speaking of shooters. How about some Overwatch?

Published Oct. 5th 2018

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